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IT Staffing

IT Staffing

In order to provide customers with the best talent for their projects, we identify the finest available consultant candidates through a comprehensive recruiting process (Recruitment and Fulfilment Process). This process has been defined and refined over numerous years and has emerged at the forefront of the staffing and services industry.

Our dedicated recruiting staff consists of a Recruiting Manager, Technical Screeners and recruiters. Each recruiter is provided with:

Access to a centralized, web-enabled, automated candidate management system. Online skill assessment forms. Comprehensive technical and business training on a regular basis.

Use of these advanced tools and techniques along with our extensive interview and screening process, makes our recruitment and fulfillment process one of the best in the industry. This streamlined process also makes it possible to support customers who have needs in certain geographical areas by opening satellite offices.

Currently we offer our clients three options to suit their specific needs:

Contract Staffing

The Consultant is placed at the client site at an hourly rate for a specified period of time. Individual Consultants or a group of Consultants may be assigned to the client site based on specific requirements. The Consultant shall remain under the payroll of K-Source for the specified Contract period. The Client is billed on a bi-monthly/monthly basis.

Permanent Staffing

K-Source assists in recruiting technical professionals based on the specific needs of the clients for their long-term staffing requirements. The recruited employee passes through an in-depth screening process that include multiple personal and technical interviews, reference checks etc. that ensures the best ROI for the client. The expertise of K-Source in the field of IT recruiting comes in handy as we are able to make the best of talents available to the client with the least turnaround time. The client and K- Source agrees upon a fixed compensation that reflects prevalent market standards.


In this option, the client may opt to place the Consultant on the job for a specified period of time during which they shall evaluate his performance. If satisfied and matching their long-term requirements, the Consultant shall be transferred from K-Source's payroll to the client's payroll after the specified Contract period. In the worst case of the client not being satisfied, K-Source shall ensure an ideal replacement for the same and the replaced Consultant shall continue to remain in the payroll of K-Source. The client and K-Source agrees upon an hourly rate for the specified Contract period.

K-Source's Competitive Edge is mainly due to:

  • Responsiveness - 24 Hr. turnaround to staffing requests
  • Enhanced Sourcing capability
  • Quality Screening
  • Continuous Employee training
  • High employee satisfaction & retention rate
  • Guarantee of Quality and Commitment
  • Employee orientation to client culture & methodologies

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