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Interview red flags for the IT consultant

For a number of years, I've practiced IT as a consultant rather than an employee, meaning I pop in and out of various companies for six to 18 months at a time. There's always a conversation up front during which the task is spelled out to me, and we see if it's a good fit.There isn't anything farther removed from the typical IT consultant's range of interest than application support. Most of the time it doesn't come up — it's much more likely to surface as a necessary evil in an interview for a staff augment gig.But when a project is crashing and burning and consultants are being rapidly hired, that usually means a system in production has gone haywire and no one knows how to fix it. T read more...

Build big data adaptability through rapid experimentation

If you're trying to waltz when your customers want to quickstep, they'll choose your competition. This anxiety-inducing situation often points leaders in the direction of big data, which is a smart move. However, most organizations approach big data with too much trepidation — they're dipping their toes in the water when they should be plunging into the deep end. Adaptable organizations experiment rapidly with their offerings (products, services, and relationships) and build strong discovery capabilities. read more...

Use normalization and ETL to get the big data results you want

Extract, transform, load (ETL) is the most talked-about strategy for extracting data from multiple sources and systems, and then recombining it into new datasets for query purposes. ETL has been used in enterprises to populate data marts and warehouses for years. But ETL won't be enough to link data into close associations so it can be normalized in order to eliminate some of the extraneous "data fishing" that is likely to occur when analytic queries go after multiple forms of the same data in an attempt to assimilate that data to produce answers. For this, you need data normalization. read more...

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